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In the area of sports law, ANNA provides comprehensive legal services. As a sports lawyer, she provides LEGAL ADVICE IN THE FIELD OF SPORTS for individual athletes, sports associations and clubs, sports associations and other interested parties in the sports industry such as sports agents (intermediaries), marketing companies, sponsors and investors.


She prepares ALL CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTATION IN THE FIELD OF SPORT for her clients, i.e. in particular the preparation and revision of various contracts related to the performance of sports activities (employment contracts, professional player contracts, amateur player contracts, coaching contracts, etc.). In addition, ANNA also secures contracts in the area of transfers of athletes (players), both nationally and internationally. It also deals with contracts in the field of personal rights of athletes, sponsorship and marketing.

___ representation in sport disputes ___

In addition, ANNA has extensive experience in REPRESENTING CLIENTS IN A WIDE VARIETY OF DISPUTES relating to sports law, where she provides legal services at all stages of disputes. In this context, she represents clients not only in court proceedings before the courts of the Czech Republic, but also in arbitration proceedings before the arbitration bodies of the relevant sports association or “ad hoc” arbitration bodies. In this context, ANNA provides legal services both at the national and international level, and is not afraid to represent clients before CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport).

Among the typical disputes in the field of sports law with which ANNA has experience are the following disputes in particular:

  • disputes between an athlete and an agent (intermediary) from agency (intermediary) contracts,
  • disputes between athletes, or members of the relevant sport association,
  • disputes between the athlete and the relevant sport association (disputes between members and the sports association),
  • disputes between an athlete and a sport club from employment contracts, contracts for the performance of sport activities, etc. (remuneration owed, contractual fines, etc.),
  • disputes arising from sponsorship and marketing contracts,
  • disputes related to the protection of personal rights, intellectual property, etc.,
  • other disputes (usually of a commercial nature) related to sport.
___ Representation in disciplinary proceedings ___

ANNA also has experience in DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS concerning athletes and sport associations and clubs.

___ Associantion law ___

ANNA also deals with ASSOCIATION LAW, so she provides legal services to sport associations and clubs also in the area of their internal management and functioning. In this context, she helps them in particular with the preparation and revision of important association documents, such as association statutes and other internal regulations (disciplinary codes, visiting rules, etc.). She also deals with disputes related to this area (typically actions related to declaring decisions of an association’s executive body invalid).

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