Advokátní kancelář

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Via E-mail

If you are interested in my legal services, the best way to contact me is to contact me via e-mail and describe what legal services are you seeking.

I also recommend to specify what means of communication you prefer (email communication or telephone communication). 

I usually respond to received emails in about 24 hours, if I am not prevented from doing so (thanks to illness, vacation, etc.).

By Telephone

In addition to the above mentioned method, you can also call me on +420 731 150 576.  If I do not respond to your call, or it was unavailable (for example because I am at the meeting, etc.), I will contact you as soon as possible (usually during the working week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm unless you expressly request me otherwise).  

Via Online Booking System

You can also contact me via my online booking system where you can schedule and manage your consultation with me according to your preferred time.

You can also choose your preferred way of consultation:

  • telephone consultation
  • personal meeting (appointment)

The booking system is fully synchronized with my work calendar, so you will see whether I am free or busy (due to my participation in court hearings, appointments, holidays etc.).

You can visit my booking page whenever you want, book the time and service you need, as well as reschedule if you must.

What follows

(First) Personal meeting

Following the specific circumstances of your case, I can suggest a personal meeting (appointment) for the purposes of getting acquainted and for clarification of your goals and expectations. 

The personal meeting (including first meeting) is usually paid unless otherwise agreed.

If possible or even preferred, my legal services can also be provided without a personal meeting (using only e-mail or telephone communication).

Price offer & Agreement to provide legal services

After clarification of your assignment, I will usually prepare price offer together with the time estimate.

If you agree with the offer of my services, I will send you a proposal of an agreement to provide legal services. Once the agreement is signed (even if by means of electronic communication), I will immediately start working on your case.


In suitable cases, I can offer legal services for a flat rate or alternatively I set a maximum price which will not be exceeded no matter the time spent.

In the cases when we are not able to determine or influence the difficulty, I work at an individually agreed hourly rate according to effective time I spend working on your case. I will regularly inform you about the costs of the case.

I usually ask new clients for an advance amounting from 50 % to 80% of the expected price.

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