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Legal services


„At the time of specialization, no one should be an universal ignorant.”​

(Leszek Kumor)

Sport & fotbal

For several years, I have been specializing in sports law, especially in the field of football law, which has become also my hobby. In this area of law, I am constantly educating myself to provide my clients with not only professional legal services but also with an effective solution of their legal issues. To put it simply, I just love football! 🙂
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For me, criminal law is a legal area that I have been interested in since my university studies. Thanks to my extensive theoretical knowledge and several years of practical experience in this field I am able to provide legal services not only professionally but also more effectively.
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V posledních pár letech jsem ke své výhradní specializaci zařadila rovněž daňové právo, konkrétně pak zastupování klientů v daňovém řízení před orgány finanční správy.
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Other legal services


Do you need to adjust the amount of maintenance that no longer suits you?
Do you need to recover maintenance quickly and efficiently?
Do you need representation in court proceedings relating to maintenance?
Do you need to file a motion to enforce a support order?
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Has your debtor become insolvent?
Do you need help with the preparation of your insolvency application?
Has your claim been denied by the insolvency administrator and you don't know what to do?
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Recovery of claims

Are you a creditor and a person who owes you money and doesn't want to pay it back?
Do you need to write a pre-action notice?
Do you need to draw up a repayment agreement?
Do you need to draw up a settlement agreement?
Do you need to prepare an acknowledgement of debt?
Do you need to file a lawsuit against the debtor for the amount they owe you?
Do you need representation in court or arbitration proceedings?
Do you need to file for foreclosure?
Do you need to file your claim in insolvency proceedings?
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Were you surprised by a foreclosure? Do you have blocked accounts?
Is the bailiff not communicating with you?
Is there an illegal execution against you?
Do you need a stay of execution?
Do you need to file a motion to stop the execution?
Do you need to agree on the repayment of your debt?
Do you need to find out information about a foreclosure against you?
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Do you need to prepare or revise a contract related to your business?
Is the other party not fulfilling its obligations under the contract?
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Do you need to prepare a lease agreement? Or revise yours?
Not sure if you have the right to give notice?
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Contracts & real estate

Do you want to donate real estate?
Do you need to delete a lien?
Need to establish an easement?
Do you need help with the land registry?


Do you need to draft a lawsuit or a motion to initiate proceedings? Don't know what to do?
Have you been sued, served with a payment order or started arbitration proceedings? Not sure how to proceed? Do you need representation in pending court or arbitration proceedings?
Do you need to appeal a judgment with which you disagree?
Has an illegal arbitration award been issued against you and you want to defend yourself against it?
Do you need to draft an appeal and represent yourself in proceedings before the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic?
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Community property

Do you need some help with your community property? Do you need to change a legal regime of community property?
Do you need to help with a settlement of community property? Are not you able to agree on the settlement with your partner? Are you considering a lawsuit?
Was a settlement of community property agreed but the other party does not comply with it?
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Employment matters

Do you need to review your employment contract? Or to draft a new one?
Do you need help with Agreements on Work Performed Outside an Employment Relationship? Do you need a draft of Agreement to Complete a Job or Agreement to Perform Work?
Do you need terminated an employment relationship with your employee?
Has your employment relationship been unlawfully terminated?
Does employer owe you your salary?
Do you need a help with an agreement on the termination of an employment relationship?
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Have you suffered property damage?
Have you suffered non-property damage? Emotional harm or health loss?
Have you been suffered damage caused by a criminal act?
Have you suffered damage caused by the breach of contractual obligations?
Have you suffered by damage caused by unlawful decision or improper administrative action?
Do you need help to enforce damages? Don't you know what to do?
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